Creating a Victorian Style Wedding

Victorian style is all about elegance, grace and sophistication, with just the right tinge of slightly gothic, Spanish undertones to create a timeless romantic look. Victorian weddings are particularly popular during the colder months, where misty days and grey skies enhance the beautifully darker elements of this refined style.

Pulling off the perfect Victorian style wedding is all about moulding traditional elements with modern designs and features. We’ve put together a basic guide to help you get the fundamentals right when planning an unforgettable Victorian wedding.

  • Victorian Styled Reception

    Victorian Styled Reception

  • Victorian Table Setting

    Victorian Table Setting

  • Victorian Styled Wedding

    Victorian Styled Wedding

  • Victorian Styled Wedding

    Victorian Styled Wedding

  • Wedding Swing Hire

    Wedding Swing Hire

  • Silver Candelabras and Punch Bowl

    Silver Candelabras and Punch Bowl

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    Flowers by Rose & Bud

  • Victorian Styled Event

    Victorian Styled Event

  • Victorian Table Setting

    Victorian Table Setting

  • Victorian Dress Style

    Victorian Dress Style

  • Victorian Wedding Ceremony

    Victorian Wedding Ceremony

  • Victorian Candle Ceremony

    Victorian Candle Ceremony

  • Victorian Styled Event

    Victorian Styled Event

Choosing the setting

Getting the setting right is an essential part of the Victorian look. The Victorian era relates to Queen Victoria of England who ruled from 1837 to 1901, so a suitably regal location is a key piece for any Victorian wedding.

For outdoor weddings, think majestic botanic gardens where statues and rose gardens abound, or outdoor spaces with pristine lawns, manicured hedges and stately weeping willows or other imposing trees. For indoor weddings, think heritage buildings with opulent interiors, commanding churches, grand ballrooms with rich colour palettes and lavish mansions with antique furnishings.

Perfecting the Victorian look

The Victorian look is all about extravagance and grandeur. We’re talking about a time where women wore corsets and heavy gowns fitted with bodices and skirt hoops every day. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to modernish the Victorian look without having to spend your wedding day in agonising discomfort and there’s also plenty of room to really make this look your own.

When choosing a Victorian wedding gown, opt for designs with Bertha necklines, petticoats, long sleeves, corsets, chemises or overskirts. Fabrics should include velvet, lace, tulle, satin or organdie, with sweeping veils and plenty of adornments. Accessorise with cameos, brooches, gloves, statement earrings and top it off with an edgy headpiece or crown. Check out the stunning range of dresses from Goldilocks Boutique and headpieces by Kezani Jewellery for more inspo.

Go for elegant make up with dark eyes and red lipstick, and opt for tidy, formal hairstyles with braids, buns or loose locks. The stunning make up in this styled shoot is created by the Cat Elizabeth Artistry team.

Victorian wedding detailing

No Victorian wedding would be complete without a feast fit for a queen – this is where you really get to have fun with the Victorian theme. Whether you’re having an outdoor tea party or indoor multi-course dinner, style long tables with lace tablecloths, plenty of candles in elegant candle holders, silverware, china crockery, crystal glassware and flowers galore. Red or dark coloured roses are a must, complemented with plenty of greenery and native florals.

If you really want to stay true to the Victorian theme, offer a dinner menu consisting of a variety of roast meats, root vegetables, oysters, breads, cheeses, rich gravy, finger sandwiches, piles of fresh berries and grapes, and extravagant multi-layered cakes. Serve champagne from crystal stemware, beer and cider from silver steins, and tea and coffee from vintage tea sets.

Getting the colours right

Darkness is your friend when it comes to Victorian style weddings. You can still opt for a traditional white wedding gown, but the Victorian look offers the perfect opportunity to think outside the box. In fact, prior to the Victorian era, brides were married in whatever colour they liked, with black being a popular option.

Dark shades like burgundy, navy, green, magenta, crimson, violet and black complement the Victorian style perfectly, especially when matched with splashes of silver and gold.

The talented party planning team behind this photo shoot includes:

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Location – Clontarf Aboriginal College
Organisation – CKY Media

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