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Do you require a minimum spend on an order?

We don’t. Not all events are created equal, so we recognise that you may need one piece of hire equipment or ten for your function. We’ve got you covered either way.

How long is the hire period?

Our standard hire period is for 24 hours or part thereof. So as long as your desired hire equipment is available for use, we can happily deliver the day before and pick up the day after. For weekend hire, collection or deliveries are on Friday or Saturday morning. Unless previous exceptions have been made, the return of hire equipment is on Monday.

Can I hire equipment for longer than the standard 1-day hire period?

Absolutely! While additional costs may apply, let us know what you need and we’re more than happy to arrange a free quote for you.

How far in advance do I need to book equipment?

We understand that planning a function can be unpredictable at the worst of times, and therefore, don’t require a set time frame that you need to book by. You can book months in advance, days or event hours ahead of time for hire equipment. It’s up to you – we’re flexible!

With this said, for most items, our ideal booking would be about 2-4 weeks in advance. Marquees, however, are in very high demand during our busy season of October-March, so we recommend booking 6-8 weeks beforehand if possible.

Leaving your booking until late risks the chance that we won’t be able to supply you the equipment. Help us help you and make sure that this doesn’t happen! To learn more about our cancellation policy see 4a under Terms and Conditions.

If I hire something and I don’t use it, do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, there is no refund on any equipment hired and returned unused. If you have questions on specific hire equipment for your event, we always encourage you to contact us and ask for our expertise so that every piece of equipment for your event has its purpose!

Covid19 – Please see the Covid19 policy in the terms and conditions.

What happens if there is any damage to the equipment while hired?

We get it – when you put together a function with a large group of people, accidents can happen unexpectedly and our equipment might be caught in the crossfire. In fact, the most common accidents happen to occur with our glassware and crockery.

With this said, since your rental ensures the equipment is yours for the period of your function, breakages and losses are also your responsibility. A full replacement cost is payable on return of the equipment. Prices for replacements are different for all items (See Terms and Conditions).

Does the equipment need to be returned clean?

Hygiene is our number one priority! For this reason, we can’t have dirty crockery waiting to be washed. You’ll need to return all the hire equipment free of food and beverage. Leave the rewash and sterilising to us. If items aren’t returned clean, a cleaning fee will be charged.

Dirty linen should be returned dry and we will have them professionally laundered off-site. For the larger hire items such as Red Carpet, Barbecues, Spits, Pie Warmers, etc., we’ve made it easy by using cleaning bonds paid upon initial hire. The bond is forfeited if your hire equipment is returned dirty or the bond is refunded if it’s returned clean!

Do you have a showroom where I can come and see your equipment in person?

Yes, we do! Come on down to 103 Nicholson Road in Subiaco anytime Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm, and Saturday from 9am-12pm.

The best way to visualize your event as a reality is to come in person and check out our wide range of products and equipment displayed throughout our showroom. Ask us questions and let us lend a helping hand in planning your special event. See you there!

Do you have a delivery service?

Of course! We deliver to the Perth metropolitan area and all delivery charges are determined based on your suburb and desired delivery location.

In order to ensure smooth delivery, don’t forget to tell us if there are any specifics associated with your delivery site. For example – above ground floor deliveries, loading docks and difficult driveways that a large truck would not be able to drive up, etc.

What is your delivery schedule?

Our standard delivery times are Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm. Depending on our workload, we can offer an AM or PM delivery. If you host your function on a weekend we generally deliver on Friday for a Monday pickup.

However, we understand that functions don’t always work within this timeframe! Therefore, delivery outside of typical work hours is available, but additional costs may apply. Just let us know your special delivery requests and we’ll get you sorted!

Can I pick up and return the equipment myself?

Definitely! If you are hiring a many items or bulky equipment, just be sure to give us a call here at the office so we can ensure you have a vehicle large enough to transport everything for your event, and you can load and unload all items yourself as WE WILL NOT LOAD or UNLOAD YOUR VEICHLE.  Please also ensure you have packing to protect any furniture and tiedowns for bulky items.

Do you set up all of the equipment, including tables, chairs, etc.?

People are particular when it comes to the set-up of their event, so we leave putting on the table linen, chair covers and sashes on chairs up to you.

As part of our delivery service, we will always happily place your hired products in the designated location of your choice for final set-up by your team. If you require additional assistance with furniture set-up arrangements must be made in advance and charges will apply.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cheques, cash and EFT payments.

Damage Waiver

The Hirer agrees to pay a damage waiver to the Company to cover any costs associated with any accidental damage to its equipment, provided that the replacement cost and/or the cost of repairs does not exceed 7.5% of the retail hiring fee for the particular piece of equipment. If the damage exceeds 7.5% of the hiring fee for the item of equipment, then the Hirer accepts full responsibility to compensate the Company at present day sale value for the goods of parts thereof which may be damaged. This also applies to the loss or damage of boxes, covers and crates supplied with the goods. This does not apply to domestic customers.
The damage waiver does not apply to or cover any other damage to or loss of equipment including without limitation:
damage resulting from misuse or abuse of the equipment.
(b) damage or loss due to the disappearance of the equipment.
(c) damage caused by the use or operation of equipment in contravention of any of these terms.
(d) damage to, or loss of, the equipment from any unknow cause.
(e) The damage waiver is not refundable


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