How to host a party for 10 people

Being able to host a party for 10 people in Perth currently opens up the door to small celebrations and gatherings. To help with your gatherings we have listed 10 ways to host a party for ten people.

As the social laws loosen and people begin to regroup after Covid-19, parties and socialising has slowly started to emerge. It may seem a little socially awkward connecting with people again after isolation.

As most are still social distancing during this time, you may ask how do you host a party for ten people? We have done the hard work and come up with a few options.


Ten ways to party for a party of ten

  1. Host an afternoon wine party with the neighbours

This is a great idea for groups of ten people to celebrate being social again. Everyone brings their own glass of wine and meets out on the front lawn. Bring your own fold out chair or cushion, snacks and nibbles and catch up on local gossip.

  1. Fish and chips on the beach watching the sunset

Perth has a great way of turning it on when it comes to afternoon sunsets and what better way to celebrate with a party of ten by the beach, with fish and chips of course. Bring a blanket and some good conversation and you have yourself a party with spectacular views to match.

  1. Host a Boho party

This is a great idea for a small party gathering. If you are celebrating a birthday, recent engagement, pregnancy or Mother’s Day then hosting a Boho party could be a fun idea. Read tarot or oracle card messages, astrology and include fun games and surprises.

Hire our Persian rug, rustic pallet table, some cushions and table settings pieces to dress up your event in style. Check out our Boho party styling article for more tips.

  1. Host a treasure hunt party for your kids in your backyard

Celebrating a child’s birthday or just want to have a play date with a group of ten, then why not host an outdoor party for kids. Create a game of pirates with a map leading to hidden treasure  around the backyard. Hire our kids party tables and chairs and include pre-made food platters delivered to you.

  1. Host a BBQ bash

Set up your picnic tables, chairs, blankets and baskets and gather a group of ten people where you can enjoy the great outdoors. BYO your own steaks, sausages and salads or bring a dish each. Check out one of our many BBQ items for hire.

  1. Host an Indian dinner theme party

Keep it simple and spicy with an India dinner party for ten
Order Indian take out or cook your own food while dressing the table with our Indian dinner bowls and serving boards to add to the ambience. Play Indian music and create a carpet picnic style party at home.

  1. Host an International night

This is a fun one for everyone to get involved in. Since most travel is banned at the moment, bring the culture to you. Each person selects a country and then cooks a dish for all to share. You can step up the game by making it a semi-dress up or by introducing a custom. Share interesting facts about the country or share your travel stories with the group. Select one of our special serving dishes or crockery sets for hire to decorate your table.

  1. Host a morning or afternoon tea party for ten

Get your baking on! Or visit the local bakery and order up a range of fresh pastries, scones and breads. Make tea & coffee and you have a great idea for a girl’s get-together, baby shower or birthday gathering. Hire our tea and coffee set items, add a cake stand and serve up a morning tea to remember.

  1. Host an intimate wedding for ten people

Want to go ahead with your wedding plans, but restricted to eight guests? Invite your immediate family or a couple of friends to share in your event. After all weddings are all about celebrating love. So what better way than to share your commitment to one another with a small group of people. We have a list of wedding ideas for hire that can help turn your event into something truly memorable.

  1. Celebrate with a garden party

Know a great garden or a beautiful park that’s perfect to host a party of ten?
Just add some colourful flowers and hire our coffee table pallet, or crystal glassware to dress your romantic setting. For more garden party styling ideas checkout out blog post on our website.

There you have it, ten ways to host a party for ten!

If you have a celebration coming up and would like to hire out any of our many party products please know that we have put in place many hygiene and safety practices. It is safer than ever to hire out any of our products.

Have a chat to us about your upcoming event or party of ten celebration today, we’d love to hear from you. Happy socialising!