Indian Dinner Party Theme

Whether you have guests in town and you’re looking to impress them with a stellar welcome dinner, new neighbours you’d like to introduce to the neighbourhood supper club or are just an avid socialiser who loves the role as “hostess with the mostess”, throwing a themed dinner party is always a great idea. We should know!

Not sure where to begin with the planning process? Follow our three-step ‘recipe’ for success and we’ll get you hosting in no time.

1. Choose an unforgettable dinner party theme

Your theme can be inspired by just about anything; colours, holidays, places, cultures, and eras in time to name a few. Embrace your inner Picasso and put your pen, and ideas, to paper. Dinner parties are the perfect time to make your creative vision into a reality.

This time around, we’ve gone ahead and already made the hard decision for you. Your next supper club inspiration: An Indian Dinner Party!

2. Surprise and delight guests with an extraordinary party atmosphere

When hosting a dinner party, you’re inviting people to share stories, make new memories and celebrate food in the comfort of the environment you create.

Styling your dinner party is the perfect time to take risks and recreate that party theme you’ve been eyeing for months. It’s your opportunity to build an environment that radiates that “feeling” you want guests to walk away with after being in good company, wining and dining with you.

How often do you enjoy Indian cuisine in the setting of a garden party? We took our Indian Supper theme but decided to give it a twist. We wanted guests to walk away feeling inspired to shake up their everyday routine, so we decided to mirror that sentiment by pairing an Indian dinner with a garden boho party theme – low picnic tables, cushions, rugs, and greenery included.

3. Entice guests with impressive dinner presentation

First things first, pick your dinner of choice. Next, find your crockery at home or hire from us, and then map out how you would like to set your table. Follow these steps in this order and the inspiration will domino so that each decision is easier than the last.

Indian cuisine is such an easy dinner party pick given the delicious variety offered with every single dish. With so many spices and vibrant flavours used throughout, there is a taste to suit everyone. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make choosing the specific dishes you want any easier!

Luckily, Royal India has given us access to their Butter Chicken family recipe. This means all you talented chefs can whip up the dish yourself or cheekily order food for your dinner party as take away before guests arrive.

Here’s how you’re going to want to dish up your Indian dinner in style.

Think lavish silver dishes decorating the length of the table, an enticing display of naan served on various bread cutting boards, large Indian serving bowls of butter chicken and Indian serving dishes filled with sauces galore.

An Indian supper, in our eyes, is an elaborate display of colours and textures seen in both the food and crockery; enticing guests to sit-down, relax and feast!

  • Indian Food Dinner Party
  • Indian Food Dinner Party
  • Indian Food Dinner Party
  • Boho Indian Party Style
  • Boho Indian Party Style

The Party Professionals

Don’t Forget….

Your real secret weapon to an unforgettable dinner party is that you won’t need a party style team to step in and save the day because you already have easy access to all the party hire equipment you need, right here at your fingertips.

This Indian Food shot for Royal India Restaurant shows some of Perth Party Hire equipment to add extra style and presentation to your next Indian food dinner party.

Equipment used in our boho photo shoot includes:

  • Indian serving bowl,
  • Indian Serving dish
  • Bread Cutting Boards
  • Crockery
  • Cutlery,
  • Silver Dishes
  • Wine Glasses

The excellent party planning team behind this photo shoot includes: