How to Celebrate an Aussie Christmas

Celebrating an Australian Christmas is very different to the classic white Christmas depicted everywhere. An Aussie Christmas is celebrated in sometimes sweltering conditions where most of our food & drinks are served cold. We look at some ways how to embrace an Aussie Christmas, from decorating to table settings.

Far from the traditional European or American Christmas, our Christmas Day is truly a hot one. Cranking the air-conditioning, recovering under a shaded tree, or heading to the beach for a dip are all part of our Christmas day festivities.

A great way to decorate is to encourage our surroundings by bringing it indoors. We have an abundance of beautiful wild flowers and foliage in our own backyard. Instead of investing in artificial decorations, why not keep them natural?

Did you know Australia has its own Christmas tree? The West Australian Christmas tree is golden yellow in colour and comes from the Mistletoe family.

If you are planning a family get together, hosting a kids Christmas party or simply firing up the BBQ with a few friends this Christmas, here are some simple and easy styling tips.

Decorating your Aussie Christmas table

Keep your Aussie Christmas more authentic using natural earthy tones, like native grey-green colours with pops of red, silver or gold.
Australian native flowers are perfect for decorating your table settings, making a wreath or decorating your place settings with detailed name tags.
Wild green leafy foliage like Eucalyptus leaves mixed in with white washed foliage can be a great start. Add in your favourite Wattles, Proteas or Gum nuts for texture and colour to  a unique bouquet.

These arrangements can be displayed in one of our many vase options from crystal glassware to porcelain. Simply lay them flat onto one of our many table clothes create a wreath or decoration around each table placement. Get creative, try spraying gum nuts in a beautiful metallic colour.
Decorate with coloured serviettes, elegant crockery like our Wedgwood or Renaissance dinnerware and paired it with one of our classic cutlery sets. Our range of drinking crystal glassware and silver serving trays will spice up your presentation.

Style your table with small round bud vases. Fill them with a few stems of miniature native flowers. Decorate twigs in a large cylinder vase.  Hire a crystal bowl or punch set and fill it with sweets or candy.
Speaking of treats don’t forget the little ones.

  • Aussie Christmas decorations

    Aussie Christmas decorations

  • Christmas native table display

    Christmas native table display

  • Christmas natives

    Christmas natives

  • Christmas name tag

    Christmas name tag

  • Australian table decorations

    Australian table decorations

  • Christmas wreath

    Christmas wreath

  • Christmas plate

    Christmas plate

  • Aussie Christmas table

    Aussie Christmas table

Santa’s little elf, Creating a kids Christmas corner

Getting children to DIY Christmas decorations could be a fun way to get them involved with the excitement of the festive season. You can also create a Kids corner for the little people of the party. We have the perfect green, red or white kids chairs and children’s tables for hire. Hang paper crafts and set Christmas tables with party games. Entertain the children with Bingo, pass the parcel, build a paper snowman or a gift wrap relay game. It always seems to be the unwrapping that they seem to excel with.

Fun Christmas food ideas for children include, Reindeer cupcakes, watermelon Christmas trees and marshmallow pops. Bake and decorate your ginger bread man could be a great way for Kids to be involved.

Creating a table setting with Australian natives can bring a unique and authentic feel to your Christmas experience. Best of all these decorations can be sourced from wildlife in our own backyard or surroundings.

This Christmas plan ahead and make it as stress free as possible. Keep Perth Party Hire in mind when sourcing your Christmas party essentials. We have a great range of products for hire at a fraction of the cost of buying them.

We cater for larger items like BBQ’s, spits, to the finer details like drink tubs, and serving dishes.

Save your wallet and yourself a trip to the busy department store and just order online with a click of a button. Chat to our experienced staff about any questions you may have.

Our team would like to wish you all a warm and festive season this Christmas.