Wine, Sparkling and Beer Glassware

If you are hosting a party or birthday for adults then you know that “the drinks” are generally an important part of the event. With that goes the glassware to match. There is no point in spending lots of money on drinks while offering guests plastic cups. Let’s face it its a little ‘frat party’ like and is also bad for the environment.

We have a range of glassware options for hire for your special event. There are glass options to pair with your drinks in both crystal and acrylic, that will rise to the occasion.

Traditionally glass is the most common option for drinking at events, however, if you are concerned about breakages, transporting items, or have young children, then acrylic is an excellent option. These look good while being safe.

There is a large list of classic and cocktail glassware options we currently have available. From shooters to all-purpose glasses, wine glasses, flutes, beer glasses, brandy, champagne saucers, hi balls, low balls, martini glasses, and liqueur glasses.

Our acrylic glassware range includes wine glasses, flutes, hi-ball, and martini glasses.

For a more fancy affair try our range of crystal glassware options available for hire, it will add the sparkle to your event, from red or white wine crystal glassware to flute and all-purpose glassware for beer and non-alcoholic drinks.

glassware for hireglassware for hire

Sparkling wines

A flute is a must for sparkling wines, with its tall, thin bowl and smallmouth, it helps to preserve the bubbles and stop it from going flat too quickly.

Flute glassware can also be used for Champagne cocktails like Bellini’s Yum!

If you are all about the detail we also have a crystal champagne flute glass or crystal wine glass option for those of you looking to host an elegant affair with these intricately detailed glasses. These work well for special occasions and you can view our styled garden party post here for styling with crystal wear.


Whether you take fancy to red or white, there is a small difference in the glassware between the two.

Red wine glasses should have a larger, rounder bowl, where white wine glasses will have a smaller mouth area with a smaller surface area to aerate mainly so it will not oxidise too fast.


Whiskey or brandy Glasses

Snifter glasses are cradled in the hand helping warm the drink, generally, you can imagine your old man sitting by a fire in winter holding one of these or the boys around a pool table in their man-cave.

This short-stemmed glass is wide at the bottom and can slightly be tapered at the top. Best suitable for brandy, bourbon, or whiskey.


Beer Glassware

Lastly, for a cold one, you cannot go past a pint glass, which holds 16 ounces. Generally served cold straight from the fridge. Pouring your beer into the glass activates the carbonation creating the foam on top of your glass. Every time those tiny bubbles pop, it releases a little burst of aroma.

If all this drink talk is making you thirsty, now you have a good excuse to host a party with the most glam glassware, no matter what your theme be it 1920’s glam, boho or classic backyard style. We have many various glassware options available for you to hire no matter how big or small the occasion.

Check out our glassware options here

glassware for hireglassware for hire