Jungle party food & Entertainment

A jungle theme for your kid’s party can turn your house into a scene out of Jumanji. So, arranging the kid’s jungle party food will be just as adventurous.

The little explorers will need something to keep them entertained, occupied and fuelled up for taking on their great expedition into the unknown. Kids jungle party food can be a fun and creative way to get people talking.

Creating an atmosphere with props such as trees and animals will tempt the little explorers to start climbing. Before you end up with a house full of tiny Tarzan’s, below are a few things you can distract them with.

Rumble in the Jungle

Any of the standard party games will work perfectly such as a treasure hunt for example. For most games just calling them something jungly will work fine.

Some can easily have props changed to make pin the tail on the tiger or pass the parcel wrapping up the gifts with large “leaves”  or try coconut bowling. For the bravest explorers, there is always ‘gator wrestling! Ball pools are always fun and with the addition of “deadly” crocs or gators. It’s the only time you’ll be keen to have the kids going anywhere near these fierce creatures.

  • Crocodile ball pit and coconut bowling

    Crocodile ball pit and coconut bowling

  • Snakes and Crackers

    Snakes and Crackers

  • Kids birthday cake jungle theme

    Kids birthday cake jungle theme

  • Lion carrot and dip

    Lion carrot and dip

  • Kids animal cupcakes

    Kids animal cupcakes

  • Healthy kids party food

    Healthy kids party food

  • Jungle theme kids party bags

    Jungle theme kids party bags


A jungle theme makes it really easy to sneak in healthy kids party food. There are so many different kinds of fruit you can use like bananas, mangoes, pineapples, grapes, peaches, coconuts, pawpaw, kiwi, oranges, various kinds of melons (all yummy). You’ll definitely get away with strawberries and even the very un-jungly carrot stick. These can be presented very simply. Let loose your inner Da Vinci and go nuts sculpting majestic lions from watermelon.

If you are not quite up to renaissance level you can have a go at things like cucumber snakes, sliced and spread out in a snake shape and a lions mane dip with carrot sticks and hummus or yoghurt dip in the middle.

For a more “traditional” party fair ( based around “Sugary Carbs”, no judgement ) all sorts of ready-made candies are suitable for the theme. From banana-shapes, jelly snakes and frogs. A quick look in the supermarket will get you all you need for your child’s party food needs.

And of course, there are more baked goods to choose from these days, than a whole series of the Great British Bake Off.

Anything cookie or cake based like tiger striped chocolate biscuits, cupcake animals and the very popular cake pops in the shape of animal heads are all wonderful additions with patterned plates, napkins, and cupcake holders to top it all off.


The cake is the centerpiece of any birthday party and luckily it’s easy to theme for a jungle party.

A super quick way to do it is put some jungle animals on top of a normal cake. A few toy lions, tigers, and an elephant or two and you can turn a regular cake into a pro cake master.

When decorating, you can go as extravagant as you want from a few tiger stripes on the icing to a fondant recreation of Madagascar. The movie not the country.


When all the ‘exploring’ is done and it’s time to return to civilisation, a themed jungle party favour bag wraps up the day nicely.

Pop in some little reminders of how much fun they had, with some small toy animals, some nibbles, and something interactive like an animal squeaker.

We can provide you with all your party hire needs from kid-friendly acrylic glassware to coloured and themed furniture.  If you’d like help with anything we’ve just mentioned, give us a call at (08) 9382 2088 to talk about making your kids party as hassle free as possible.

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