How to kit out your Child’s Jungle Party Theme

Have you ever considered holding a jungle soiree? It’s all the rage… for kids!

Well, read on for more tips and tricks for how to kit your child’s jungle party.

A proper jungle party will surround you and your small guests with tropical trees, plants and more exotic animals than you can shake a banana at. Lions, tigers, monkeys, snakes, elephants, parrots, and crocodiles.

A jungle party is wonderfully flexible. You can include nearly all your kid’s favourite animals, even if they are not strictly from the jungle. Giraffes, rhinos, and zebras pop up all the time despite being savanna dwellers. Whales might be a problem, but here’s the secret: the kids won’t care… they will be too busy getting wowed by all the foliage and tigers.
It’s also easy to make it wonderfully immersive in a different way to other party themes.

Animals and trees surrounding you will feel as if you’ve brought the jungle into your lounge.

That might sound a bit difficult to pull off, but it’s only as complex as you want it to be.

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Trees, trees and more trees

Let’s start with the jungle party trees and the leaves.
There are many ways to represent the greenery of the jungle. A very basic, but effective method is to use green sheets spread over the furniture for instant bushes.
If you are happy to DIY things, then green construction paper is your friend. You can cut it into a tree shape and just draw some leaves on it, or cut out larger individual leaves and stick them on the walls and any other surfaces you want to look tree-like.
Balloon trees are a good time saver and have the party look too. A basic brown trunk with green balloons attached to the top of it can make a big impression and is a speedy way to get lots of trees for a jungle feel.
Astroturf adds another fun layer to the environment and really brings the jungle indoors.
The ultimate though are real plants which you can hire. Palms and the classic Swiss cheese plant and various other kinds can make wherever you have the party feel really jungly. Yes, that’s a real word, we looked it up.

Bring in the animals!

With all that greenery the next step is filling it with animals and luckily they are pretty easy to find. Most toy shops have either small plastic ones which you can use for activities and games, and larger stuffed toys for lurking in the undergrowth. Sometimes you can find oversized toys which can make a great centerpiece.
If space is an issue, animal posters work well on the walls. Put a few leaves over them so they look like they are hiding and ready to pounce.

Are there any extras?

Once you’ve planted the jungle and filled it with wildlife you can then think about some of the other more party related additions.
Benches or chairs, and tables with appropriate tropical appearance are great to put the food on and gather the kids around. Tablecloths and raffia decorations can keep the jungle theme going here.
If setting up an entire jungle seems a bit much, you can still have that special party with the help of Perth Party Perfection. They will come and set up jungle walls, foliage and all the animals and take it away when you’re done. All you have to do is graciously accept the glowing praise from the other mums. Legend!
For help with a variety of colourful party outdoor furniture check out the products below. Stay tuned for more jungle party food ideas in our related article to come.