How to Create Floral Centrepieces for a Boho Party

Boho style parties are all the rage – you only need to briefly lurk on Instagram or Pinterest to see just how many people are favouring the boho theme for engagement parties, weddings, hen’s nights, baby showers and birthdays. There are many different styling choices for boho parties, with all kinds of floral centrepieces and decorations, but at the heart of any good boho party lies the floral arrangements. So, you’ve decided on your theme, but how do you go about creating flowers for a boho party?

Hiring a florist to take care of your boho floral centrepiece is ultra-convenient. Our Boho styled shoot florals were put together by the very talented Salli from Touched By Angels.  Creating your own boho style bouquets and floral arrangements is actually a lot easier than it looks. Play your cards right and creating flowers for your boho party can actually be a lot of fun, too!

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Choosing flowers for a boho party

The great thing about bohemian style flower arrangements is that they don’t have to follow a strict design – the boho style is all about that eclectic, gypsy feel, so the more rustic the better. Go for wild flowers with lots of fresh greenery and make your floral arrangement as bold or subdued in colour as your heart desires.

Popular flowers that suit the boho theme include:

Greenery is an essential key to any good boho flower arrangement, with popular foliage options including:

Creating a boho flower centrepiece to suit your boho style party

When creating a boho flower centrepiece, the easiest method is to purchase a wet foam block like the ones used by florists (also known as oasis blocks). You’ll find these at most craft stores and some home hardware stores and they only cost a few dollars. Wet foam blocks are specifically made for use with real, fresh flowers and can be cut down to any size to fit within your chosen vase or vessel. They provide a sturdy base for your boho floral arrangement and are easy to use, even if you’ve never arranged your own flowers before.

To create a boho centrepiece using a foam block:

  1. Cut your foam block to the desired size
  2. Lay it gently on top of a bucket of water to slowly absorb the water
  3. Trim your flowers and greenery down to size, cutting the stems at an angle
  4. Stab the stems of your greenery into the foam block, filling any empty spaces with flowers and other fillers like hypericum berries and baby’s breath

Voila! That’s how simple it is to create a boho flower centrepiece that will wow your guests. When it comes to boho style, the little imperfections are what create all the charm, so don’t be too concerned about the exact placement or colour palette of your florals. Just go with the flow and see what you come up with.

Boho floral arrangements are best placed in the middle of your table and are the perfect low-cost complement to our boho party package.

For more inspiration on floral styling visit our Pinterest Page – Party Floral Ideas, Touch by Angels and Fifty Flowers

Photography: CJ Williams Photography.