Cocktail hour, pairing glassware with drinks

If you are planning an event like a wedding, cocktail party or private function then you need to have an understanding of the types of glassware for those cocktail drinks.

Wondering which glassware is best for cocktails? Mojito’s? Whiskey’s? Manhattans? you name it! Highball or lowball? We are here to help you learn how to select the best glassware for your event, whatever your tipple.

Know your glassware

What most people don’t pay attention to is that glassware has been designed for the drinking experience and specific drink it holds. Most long stem glasses are made that way to keep the drink at the right temperature.

A glass can enhance an aroma and the way you hold a glass can affect the temperature of your drink, therefore improving your drinking experience. Nobody likes a warm white wine, right?

If it is your turn to be the host of cocktail hour, here are some savvy glassware tips to help!

Martini glassware

A traditional cocktail glass is one in the shape of an inverted cone. Commonly known as the Martini Glass.

Most of these cocktails do not come with ice, so the stem is long as it is there to control the temperature making them easy to hold without handling the glass too much. This cone shaped glassware also has a nice large surface area to enhance the aroma.

Martini glassware suits a wide range of cocktails, from, you name it, a Martini, cosmopolitan, margaritas, to name a few.

Our martini glassware for hire comes in a range of sizes from 60ml to 240ml. Plus glass styles from acrylic to 5 star german crystal glassware.


Old Fashion Whiskey Glassware Hire

A tumbler is considered an all-purpose glass, they can also be referred to as Lowball or short tumbler, designed to serve spirits straight or with a few ice cubes.  Cocktails such as, Negroni’s, White Russian’s or an Old fashioned.

Hire online our crystal tumblers for a classic look or straight glass lowball glassware.


Hi Ball Glassware

A hi ball is a glass that is ideal for “tall” cocktails or mixed drinks which will be poured over ice. Collins glasses are also popular for these types of drinks.

They best suit cocktails like mojito’s or mixed drinks served cold.

Our Hi Ball glassware come in a variety of styles and sizes.




Champagne Saucer Glassware

Champagne saucers are very on trend at the moment for serving champagne and sparkling wine. But they’re also great for a cocktail or two such as a delicious espresso martini or margarita on a sunny afternoon.

There are a variety of Champagne saucer sizes for hire on our website.




Champagne Glasses

Champagne glasses aren’t just  used for the sparkling wines. They’re also great for Mimosa (Peach puree and sparkling wines) and Bellinis (Chilled citrus juice and sparkling wine).

Choose a crystal cut glass for those glamorous events or one of our many straight cut glasses that come in options such as 5 star german crystal glassware to acrylic glassware.


  • Aperol


  • flute glass

    flute glass

  • lowball


  • cocktail glass

    cocktail glass

  • highball


  • Inverted cone

    Inverted cone

Hurricane Glassware

This type of glassware is the second most popular for classic cocktails such as Pina Coladas, Blue Hawaii, and those crazy named holiday cocktails like “Sex on the Beach

They are a stable for any event serving cocktails.

Veiw our glassware products for a wide range of styles and sizes.



The Hipster Jar

This glass is for the cool kind of creatures. Born from part jar and part beer glass. It’s great for mocktail smoothies to any alcoholic concoction you can dream up.

Hire our glass jars online.




Irish Coffee Mug

The Irish coffee mug is commonly used for the end of night coffee with a hit. But its use doesn’t stop there. They can be used for many warm ’em up cocktails such as the Brandy Alexander, Tea Toddy, or a lovers kiss cocktail.

Hire online here, or view our liqueur glass for an alternative option.



Brandy Balloon

This glass is great for straight spirts and strong cocktails where you want to brew on the aroma. Cocktail ideas are the Full Moon, Black Maria, and the very tasty Orang-A-Tang.

Hire our brandy balloon glassware here.





These are normally hired for water, but we all know they’re great for a statement punch with an extra kick too.


Make your next party a hit! Contact Perth Party hire for all your cocktail event needs. We can help with an extensive range of glassware for hire at an affordable price. Bottoms up!