Ideas for hosting a baby reveal party

What is a baby reveal party?

Baby reveal parties (also known as gender reveal parties) have become a popular alternative to the more traditional baby shower and are very on trend at the moment. Whereas the classic baby shower is usually a space reserved exclusively for women and children, gender reveal parties involve men, women and children of all ages. The purpose of a baby reveal party is for guests to guess the sex of an unborn baby via a series of fun activities, before the gender is revealed and celebration ensues. On some occasions, the parents of the unborn baby also don’t know the sex of the baby and receive the same surprising news at the same time as their guests.

What type of party should I have for a gender reveal party?

Given that most baby reveal parties involve a series of games and activities, an outdoor garden party is the most popular option. However, depending on the weather or availability of suitable venues, baby reveal parties can also be hosted from your lounge room, dining room, or by hiring a space at a cute café, pub or restaurant. Parents have full creative freedom to use a party style that suits their preferences and the needs of their guests. Gender reveal parties can be as intimate or as large as you desire.

Elements of a baby reveal party

The main purpose of a baby reveal party is to unveil the baby’s gender. People are coming up with all kinds of exciting and inventive ways to reveal this, include filling the inside of a cake with either pink of blue cream, filling a piñata or balloon with pink or blue confetti, unleashing coloured powder bombs, spraying water guns filled with blue or pink paint, and so on. If you’re a parent who is discovering the gender of your baby for the first time at your own baby reveal party, remember you will need to hire or appoint a host responsible for creating the reveal element for you, so you can enjoy the surprise.

Other than the gender reveal element, the typical baby reveal party includes food, drinks and games. These are usually quite casual affairs, so hosts have full reign to create a party that suits their personal tastes. We love the use of cute props, adorable snack bar set ups, drink dispensers, tablecloths and tasteful decorations for baby reveal parties that are relaxed, stylish and embody the magic of this exciting time.

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