How to Plan an Engagement Party at Home

Have you recently got engaged and are you wondering how to plan an engagement party at home? Perth Party Hire is here to help answer those all-important questions you may have circling around planning a party at home.

If you or a family member are lucky to have plenty of space to host an engagement party at home, then you may want to take advantage of the laid-back feel and open space of partying in your own backyard.

The first step is to assess the space and where you would like to host the party, for example, will it be an event in your outdoor area or semi indoor space.

Utilising the Space

Perhaps you have a beautiful garden that you wish to utilise then you may need to hire a white marquee for your engagement party. This will ensure that guests will be kept cool and dry regardless of the weather on the day. You will need to consider where guests will be seated, are there bathrooms nearby available, the dancefloor and where the food will be served.

Setting the date, and creating a guest list

These are the next steps to planning your engagement party at home. Think about the type of weather typical for the month you want to host your party. The number of people you can invite may depend on the surface area available.
Send out the invites and don’t forget to tie them in with your theme. Gather the final number of guests so you can hire products and table placements.

Creating a Theme for Your Engagement Party

Whether you prefer a formal or informal event the theme and décor should reflect the overall mood you want to create. Do you want to create a soft and romantic event? Then it may be better to host it during the afternoon or early evening. You will need to consider if you require any lighting for your party if it continues into the evening.

Creating a Colour Pallet can be fun and this can be based on your favourite hues, flowers or even textured materials. Try and keep these to a tone pallet of no more than three colours. Other accent colours can be added in subtle details.

Is there a period or style that you prefer, such as classic Victorian with candelabras, white romantic theme with our essential white style furnishings, bohemian, or rustic with mismatched chairs or pallet style furniture?

Secondly, you will need to think about whether you would prefer a casual dining experience like a brunch party with food trucks or buffet style food service as opposed to a sit-down course meal.

Table Settings

Your table settings will reflect the tone of your theme and the colour pallet you have selected. Brush up your tables with items like gold-rimmed crockery, candelabras, wine glasses and silver cutlery for an elegant affair. Or you may want to keep the table settings less formal if you have a casual dining experience. In that case, we offer a bar station to serve drinks, a buffet cart, a buffet table and outdoor lounge chairs all for hire.

Furniture and Items for Hire

Adding a dancefloor and an outdoor sitting area will complete the styling for your engagement party. Tables, chairs and marquees are all essential items needed for your backyard bash. Create a long table lunch style alfresco or a more formal layout with groups of tables set around a central dancefloor.

View our full range of party equipment for hire for your celebration.


  • Market Umbrellas, Wicker Lounges, Hamptons High Chairs and Tables

    Market Umbrellas, Wicker Lounges, Hamptons High Chairs and Tables

  • Market Umbrellas, Wicker Lounges, Hamptons High Chairs and Tables

    Market Umbrellas, Wicker Lounges, Hamptons High Chairs and Tables

  • Drinks Cart

    Drinks Cart

  • Marquee and Festoon Lighting

    Marquee and Festoon Lighting

  • Bar stools and chairs, heaters and trestle table

    Bar stools and chairs, heaters and trestle table

  • White Wash Coffee Tables, Crystalware, White Lanterns, Cushions, Chopping Boards

    White Wash Coffee Tables, Crystalware, White Lanterns, Cushions, Chopping Boards

Food and Drinks

Setting the menu for an engagement party can be a little overwhelming, but it should also be aligned with the couple’s personality. Do you adore casual alfresco or cocktail food? What is your favourite way of eating and cuisine? This should be showcased at your event.

Hire special flute glasses for toasting and champagne. Set up a drinks station so guests can either serve themselves or hire staff to help out on the day. If sweets are your thing then create a dessert table for guests to indulge in towards the end of the night. Fill it with candy, macarons, mini cakes and all your favourite treats.

Final Engagement Party Touches

Don’t be afraid to customise your event with personal touches that mirror who you are.
Organise a few games or fun activities to keep guests entertained and you have yourself a smashing event!

Perth Party hire has loads of items for hire to help you cater to your engagement party at home. It ranges from glassware, cutlery, food serving options as well as lighting, fans, heating and much more.

Check out our full range of products online and contact us for anything else party related.