Kids dance party ideas

If you are planning a kids birthday dance party for a 4 to 9-year-old, let’s face it the pressure is on for it to be a hit.

Begin with adding a bit of glitter to your invites to set the tone. Have a dress code or make it themed, like a white party or ask kids to dress as their favourite musician.

You’ll need a backyard or a bit of space to host the party such as a garage or basement. An idea would be to create a cozy kid’s karaoke corner with a lounge area to start the night. Include disco dress-up props like wigs, big plastic sunglasses, microphones, and mustaches. Here you can also have a photo booth set up.

  • White and gold kids dance party

    White and gold kids dance party

  • Custom sized dance floor hire

    Custom sized dance floor hire

  • Make your own gold chandeliers

    Make your own gold chandeliers

  • Kids dance party set up Doubleview

    Kids dance party set up Doubleview

  • Neon Kids Dance Party

    Neon Kids Dance Party

  • Metallic streamers and glitter kids party

    Metallic streamers and glitter kids party

  • Dressed to dance.

    Dressed to dance.

Set the timing

Depending on the ages, children will be excited to have a party in the evening for the older kids or an afternoon light lit dance party for the younger ones.

Party Food ideas

Add a range of healthy and traditional finger food treats such as fruit cocktail sticks and party foods like dips, pizza, homemade sausage rolls, quiches, colourful cupcakes, and more.

Don’t forget the drinks, including flavoured juice, water, with smoothies or milkshakes, topping them with paper-coloured straws. You can hire out any of our drink holders

Dance playlist

Download your playlist of current and classics hits to get the party started. Ask another parent or older teenager to be in charge of the music with a special request list going on the party.

Include various dance games such as limbo, musical statues, dance competitions, and group dancing activities such as teaching the group a new dance.


There are several things you can create yourself. Try folding tinfoil around cardboard shapes and stringing these up for some funky DIY party decorations. Kids will love this easy craft activity and it’s a great way to get them excited for their disco party.
Helium-filled balloons in colour that spell out the word disco party are a great idea.

Table decorations

Once you sort out your party number, make sure you have enough tables and chairs to suit. Perth party hire has kids chairs and kids tables for hire. Use streamers or metallic colours to decorate your tables. Set a disco party theme in the colour tones and use paper products such as plates, cups, wooden cutlery. Hire any serving plates or dishes you may need to keep food warm.

Party favour bags

Fill these up with personalised glow-in-the-dark name bands for each of your guests, mini disco balls, stickers, lolly treats, and glowstick items. You could even go all out and make your own take-home CD playlist.

Make your own decorations

Make golden Chandeliers as they look amazing in the sunlight and can be hang up in trees in the backyard or inside a house.

Purchase metallic cardboard and cut out levelled circles of cardboard and then staple the ribbon and tinsel strips onto them. Use a string to join it together and hang.

Reuse your old CDs and hang them from some string, silver side showing, this is a great one for reusing goods at home.

Use neon and coloured paper cutouts as decorations, hang them, stick them on walls or outside.


Lights are an important part of your setup to set the mood. Hire out a disco ball, neon signs, coloured spotlights, or fairy lights to dim a section.

Hire a dance floor

Make it extra special and use glow-in-the-dark tape to light up the flooring with a neon coloured set. You can create squares or lines marking out the dancing area. Add our rave laser lights to create the right mood.

Perth party hire has white and wooden dance floors. You hire in blocks so the dance floor can be sized to fit your location.

Set up a stage or carpet catwalk where kids can parade down in their outfits, striking their best pose.

A dance party for kids is a perfect kids birthday party theme. Kids will love the excitement and build-up to the event.

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